Tuesday, June 9

A Big Phat W

Yup, that is right. Two weekends ago it was a Big Phat DNF. This past weekend, it was a Big Phat W.
Of course its easy to get a Big Phat W when the competition doesn't show up! All I had to do was finish the race, which I did at a very mellow pace while practicing my climbing and descending skills on the more technical parts.

Ajusco with Friends

Almost every weekend I drive about 30 minutes outside the city to go mountain biking with my friend Lenny and Endo at a park on the mountain Ajusco called Las Llantas (or San Nicolas). However, the majority of my friends have never been there. So this past weekend I took Barby and Daniel to Las Llantas and we hiked up to the Virgen where
there is an incredible view of the city. It happened to be a very clear day but as Barby looks out over the city she just can't exactly get her head around the craziness she lives in.
They recently constructed this new building, which I believe will be bathrooms. Its pretty darn cool but the coolest part is
the solar panels on the roof. I am a sucker for any building that uses alternative energy, especially wind and solar.
They also constructed a watch tower. Here is Daniel on the observing platform with El Pico de la Aguila of Ajusco behind him.
Finally, what would an outdoor adventure be without a picture of Endo and I? Here we are looking up at Daniel and Barby.

Tuesday, June 2

A Big Phat DNF

Last Sunday was yet another mountain bike race. It was a sweet course and reminded me a lot of riding the Ned trails. But I just didn't have it in me. My lower back was killing me, it was pouring rain, and I am a whimp. So I pulled out after 2 of 3 laps. Oh well, you win some, you lose some and you don't finish others.
But I did sport my new socks Micki gave me while she was visiting me from Boulder. I was representin' big time! There is another race this Sunday. I hope my back is feeling better and my whimpiness is gone cause La Campeona de la Montaña, DF is on the line.

Wednesday, May 27


Sorry blog readers that I haven't posted in a while. But here is the update.

On May 5th I accepted a position in Washington D.C. working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Specifically, I will be working in the Office of Research and Development's National Center for Environmental Research where I will be working on global climate change and air quality issues. I will be moving to D.C. in mid-August and my job starts in the beginning of September. I am super excited about my new job but I will be extremely sad to leave Mexico City.

I also recently took a quick trip back to Colorado because my dad turned 60 on May 14th and we celebrated with a nice dinner of family and friends at 4580. However you would never know he was 60 based on the pics below.
Yup, he still acts like he is twelve hiding behind trees in the forest
and riding away from me on long bike rides.
While home I also got to meet Hudson John Agnew who was born on May 8th. Congratulation to Annie and Kristian. He's a beautiful baby. For those of you that don't know, Annie has been my best friend since . . . well since she was born and came home from the hospital where I was patiently awaiting her arrival. So, although not technically, Hudson is like my first nephew and I am super excited!!

Now I am just back to normal life in Mexico City. I'll try to update more often.

Tuesday, May 5

The Great Escape

As all my fellow blog readers probably know, Mexico City has been shut down for over a week do to, in my opinion, an over reaction to the swine flu. Since there is absolutely NOTHING to do in Mexico City, I persuaded 5 of my friends that we should get out of town and head to the beaches of Veracruz state.
So we packed up the cars with camping gear and the dogs (Nacho and Endo) and drove 5 hours to the coast.
The destination, La Costa Esmeralda.
More specifically, the small beach town Las Casitas.
It was Endo's first time to the ocean. He loves water and ran down to the beach as soon as the car was parked. Then he started to drink the water, which he didn't like at all. He was a little confused by the salt water but would still join me in the waves.
On our way back to the non-flu infested city, we stopped by Tajin, which supposedly has beautiful ruins. However, due to the stupid flu craze, even all open air archaeological ruins are closed. But we took a picture at the entrance anyway.
In addition to the influenza scare, last week there was a small earthquake in Mexico City (5.7). The above cartoon depicts exactly the reactions of the event. However, I didn't feel the earthquake and I've always wanted to feel the earth tremble. But my neighbors felt it and were yelling my name. So I went to the window on the top floor to see what they wanted . . . uh, I think that is exactly what you are not supposed to do during an earthquake, hahaha. But by the time I got to the window the earthquake was over.

Things should start getting back to normal in this city starting tomorrow. Mexico will suffer from the influenza for years to come economically. It makes me sad because its the last thing this country needs.

Sunday, April 26

My Last Day in DC

I decided to unwind from a week of 12 interviews and dressing fancy everyday (suit required) and stroll around DC to see the sites on a beautiful spring day.
I passed by the White House
before heading to see The Washington Monument
and finally The U.S. Capitol.
While I was cruising along The National Mall, I ran into Molly and Paul. My mom and dad happened to be in DC while I was there and I was able to enjoy a few good dinners with them. My parents are living up the retired life by traveling lots and bringing their nifty fold up bikes with them everywhere they go. Its pretty darn cool 'cause if I were retired, I would be doing exactly what they are doing. Hmmmm, maybe I should retire early and join them on their adventures . . .

Monday, April 20

La Casa de Melamed Hace 3 Días

Para mis amigos mexicanos . . .
Una foto de la casa de mis papis hace 3 días!!!